Social Insurance

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Contribution Rates

Contributor Rate %
Self-employed individuals 11,6
Employee 6,3
Employer 6,3
Employer’s contribution to the Redundancy Fund 1,2
Employer’s contribution to the Industrial Training Fund 0,5

Emoluments Maximum Limit

EmployeesPer Week ₤Per Month ₤Per Year ₤
Weekly employees441  22.932
Monthly employees  1.91122.932

Self - Employed Employments Minimum Limit

Employment Category Per Week ₤ Per Year ₤

Persons exercising a profession:


-for a period not more than 10 years

-for a period of more than 10 years



Wholesalers, estate agents, insurance agents, manufacturers and other entrepreneurs

280 14.560
Skilled workers practicing in urban areas 139 7.228

Builders and persons practicing a profession relevant to the building industry

175 9.100
Farmers, stock-farmers, fishermen and similar occupations 102 5.304
Drivers of transportation media, operators of excavators and similar occupations 139 7.228
Priests 102 5.304
Travelling salesmen 102 5.304

Persons not under any above occupation who practice in urban areas

139 7.228

Persons not under any above occupation who practice in rural areas

102 5.304