EU Financial & Business Centre

  • Cyprus is a member of the EU and a fully flexed, modern international business and financial centre, with excellent infrastructure, situated at a strategic geographic location and time zone. English is the most widely used business language. The Cyprus Legal System is based upon English Common Law.
  • Cyprus has succeeded in differentiating itself from other financial centres. It has a favorable tax system with a wide network of very beneficial double tax treaties. As a result, Cyprus today is firmly established as a reputable, dynamic, international business, financial and commercial gateway for investments into or from Europe (East and West incl. Russia) and the Middle East.
  • Cyprus is a tax-incentive country and not a "tax-heaven". Cyprus Companies are EU Companies enjoying the full rights of an EU National (EC Treaty & 4 basic freedoms), are "non-offshore" and are not on any "black-list". Essentially, Cyprus combines an "onshore EU face" with "low-tax advantages".
  • There is added commercial value and monetary benefits due to the ability to register for EU VAT in Cyprus.
  • Cyprus has an excellent infrastructure allowing clients to create "substance" to their tax planning in the form of setting up fully-flexed offices or operations in the island (avoidance, if deemed necessary, of just a bronze plated presence).
  • Cyprus is the jurisdiction of choice for a prestigious, non-offshore, but low-tax presence. During the past thirty years Cyprus has established itself as the main business and financial centre for inward and outward investment in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.