Excellent Infrastructure

  • Modern and efficient multilingual banking & financial services sector.
  • Excellent air and sea connections and telecommunications services.
  • Professional, friendly and efficient Government Services and Tax Authorities.
  • A mature professional services sector (an indicative of the profession high standards in Cyprus is that Cyprus was the first country in the world been approved by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales to qualify Chartered Accountants locally, without the need to work in the UK).
  • Very low expense level (fees) for financial and professional service provision compared to other EU Jurisdictions. The difference is more evident in the case of professional service recurring costs (administration, accounting & tax compliance) are estimated to be at 35- 40% of Western European rates! One could very easily be misled by the low quoted start up costs for major European Jurisdictions as to the final total costs which can be considerable if one calculates recurring costs!