Cyprus offers one of the most efficient telecommunication systems in the world, with the following services:

  • Fully automatic 24-hour direct dial telephone connection with most countries - all other countries can be reached through the operator.
  • Telegraph service connection with every part of the world.
  • International automatic telex and facsimile service.
  • Datel service for the transmission of computer data both nationally and internationally over the public telephone network.
  • ISDN and ADSL connections for internet service.
  • Radiotelegraph and radiotelephone services with ships at sea on a 24 hour basis.
  • Automatic telex for ships through the Marisat Service (maritime service through satellite).
  • TV transmission and reception on a 24 hour basis available to news agencies and television and radio networks through the Makarios satellite earth station.
  • International courier service including Datapost operated by the Cyprus Department of Postal Services, DHL, Federal Express, Skypak, and Tradewinds Express, all delivering parcels to Europe and the US within 48 hours from time of collection.