Judiciary & Law

The Cypriot Legal System is based upon The British Common Law (Cyprus was a British colony until 1960 when it gained its independence). The British Case Law is closely followed and all statutes regulating business matters and procedures are based on The British Law.

As provided in The Courts’ Law, the Country’s Courts apply:

  • The Constitution which established the Republic in 1960
  • The Statutes until then in force (1883 - 1960) and those enacted since 1960 by the  Parliament
  • The Common Law - Case Precedents
  • The Principles of Equity
  • The European Law since 1 May 2004 (EU Accession)

English is widely used in the Cypriot Courts.

The Cyprus Companies Law is governed by The Companies Law Chapter 113, as amended.  This Law was based on the UK’s Companies Act 1948 and since then remains intact apart from various amendments that took place (31.10.2003) due to the EU Accession - harmonization needs.