Government - Facts

Cyprus is an Independent Presidential Republic. The Executive power is exercised by the Council of Ministers whose members are directly appointed by the President.

The highest legislative body is the House of Representatives, consisting of fifty-nine members elected for a five-year term of office.

Type Republic
Independence August 16, 1960
Constitution August 16, 1960


President elected to 5-yr. term


Unicameral House of Representatives members elected to 5-yr. terms


Supreme Court; six district courts

Administrative Subdivisions Six
Political Parties Greek Cypriot Community 

Dem Rally (right)
Dem Party (centre-right)
AKEL (communist)
KISOS (socialist)
United Dem (centre-left)

Turkish Cypriot Community

National Unity (right)
Dem party (centre-right)
Republican Turkish (left)
Communal Liberation (centre-left)
National Revival (centre-right)
Patriotic Unity Movement (left)
National Justice Party (ultra-nationalist)

Suffrage Universal at age 18
President of the Republic Tassos Papadopoulos
Foreign Minister George Iacovou
Minister of Finance Michalis Sarris
Minister of Commerce, Industry & Tourism Yiorgos Lillikas
Minister of Communications & Works Haris Thrasou
Minister of Justice & Public Order Doros Theodorou
Ambassador to the United States Euripides L. Evriviades
Permanent Representative to the UN Andreas Mavroyiannis