Uses By Individuals

The most common activities of Cyprus Legal Entities that are currently being used are set out below:

(The list of such activities is not exhaustive).

Please contact us directly to discuss any operations not covered in this section.

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Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Entrepreneurs and professionals, who start off with a Cyprus Structure can receive strategic benefits. The use of Cyprus Entities offers entrepreneurs enhanced investment returns, access to global markets, better after-tax profits, and improved risk mitigation. A Cyprus Entity can own corporate assets without exposing the entrepreneur’s personal assets - this also reduces business risk.


Executives can use Cyprus Entities for various aspects of their corporate agendas. This can also help them restructure their compensation and stock programs, so as to take advantage of reduced tax, asset protection, and access to global markets.

Entertainers, Authors & Athletes

If they properly structure a Cyprus Entity to receive their contracts, they can reduce the tax they would otherwise owe. The Cyprus Entity earns income, and the entertainer, author or athlete is compensated for services rendered to that company.

Wealth Inheritors - Individuals

Individuals who inherit wealth can use a Cyprus Entity to reduce their inheritance taxes by converting the inheritance into money in low or non-tax jurisdictions, instead of high-tax jurisdictions. They can also restructure the income that their inherited portfolio generates so as to protect their assets and the income compounds to be tax-free. If one structures his/hers pre-inheritance wealth, it will simplify the succession process.

Pension Receipt

Pensions will be taxed in Cyprus at the flat rate of 5% for amounts in excess of C£2,000. A significant number of European pensioners invest in a holiday home and reside in Cyprus for more than 183 days of the year to get this tax benefit on their pensions.