Non - Tax Uses of Cyprus Entities

In addition, a number of significant non-tax benefits that can be achieved from Cyprus Structures include:

  • Use of the "High Credibility EU Status" of Cyprus Entities in order to transact internationally. Examples:
  1. it is a well known fact that EU Service Providers are subject to significantly less stringent due diligence requirements by banks and other institutions and entities,
  2. EU VAT Registration and verifiability of company details on the EU VIES system are widely considered as a criterion of added commercial credibility.
  • Pre-immigration planning.
  • Hedging against currency fluctuations.
  • Reduction in securities transaction costs.
  • Exemption from exchange controls.
  • Deployment of expansion strategies.
  • Asset Protection and shielding from litigation.
  • Confidentiality in Business and Financial affairs (anonymity).
  • Estate planning.
  • Access to new sources of finance.
  • Improved investment returns.
  • Creation of an International Equity base.
  • Reduction in employee costs.
  • Easier repatriation of funds.