Maximization of after-tax return on investments is the main goal. Therefore, investment structures which have the least tax leakage are preferable investment alternatives.

As such, a Cyprus Investment Vehicle can collect income, which can be a charge against high tax income in the investment country. Then, withholding tax is eliminated or reduced under double tax treaties or under EU Directives. The rate of tax in Cyprus is low or 0% in a most cases relating to investments if foreign dividends are exempt and capital gains are subject to conditions. The income can then be repatriated in any form the investor (use of income conversion or transformation methods) wishes and to any jurisdiction without withholding tax.

There are no investment activities which are inappropriate for the Cyprus Tax Environment. However, there are investment activities which are indeed ideally suited to the Cyprus Tax Environment such as the ones explained in this section (among others are Holding Companies, Group Finance Companies, Royalty Companies, Head Office operations for South Europe, Middle East, Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe).